Executive Briefing

Engage your senior management in critical thinking about the business benefits and organisational challenges of Asset Management

Leadership and organisational culture are the two main reasons why Asset Management initiatives fail. AMA tailor makes programmes designed specifically for Senior Managers and Directors who are responsible for developing, implementing and leading an Asset Management strategy.

Programmes use a mix of short courses, briefings, mentoring and advice to provide the strategic understanding and leadership skills required to drive sustainable implementation of Asset Management across a business.

Our half-day Executive Briefing is a tried and tested way of engaging your senior management in thinking about the business benefits and organisational challenges of Asset Management.

Course Leaders

Asset Management is business centric and multi-disciplinary in nature – our trainers are a select group of experienced practitioners, capable of drawing together the engineering, financial and managerial aspects of effective Asset Management.

AMA course leaders are experienced practitioners and consultants who can demonstrate professional achievements in Asset Management and also as trainers. They are selected carefully for their knowledge, experience and ability to shape, and challenge if necessary, the perspectives of the people we train.

AMA Executive Briefings and tailor-made executive programmes are presented by AMA Directors and other internationally recognised experts on Asset Management

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