The IAM Certificate is the ideal entry level qualification for graduates being prepared for careers in asset dependent businesses

It provides employers with the assurances they need that young professionals understand the context and scale of the asset management challenge and are equipped with the basic knowledge, concepts and approaches they need to be able to make a useful contribution from an early stage.

Now that the IAM has announced its intention to seek chartered status it is all the more important for organisations to establish career paths in asset management if they want to attract and keep the best talent.

AMA is dedicated to developing asset management professionals. Our courses prepare people for IAM Certificate and Diploma qualifications and they also promote best practice approaches through the examples, exercises and references they draw upon. Our trainers are experienced asset management practitioners.

If your company is ready to start building its next generation of asset management leaders and specialists, then you should talk to us about the benefits of a multi-year contract to deliver IAM Certificate training that suits your needs.