Our asset management courses are developed and are delivered by experienced, senior asset management practitioners, many of whom have played an active role in the development of best practices.

They are skilled in using their knowledge and experience to bring asset management principles, concepts and methods to life for learners and committed to the ten principles Join our international team of trainers

If you are an asset management practitioner, committed to the IAM vision of the journey to asset management excellence we are interested in hearing from you. Previous training, coaching and mentoring experience is desirable. Location not a barrier but North America and South East Asia preferred. Excellent contractual terms available to the right candidates.

Ruth Wallsgrove

Ruth Wallsgrove, IAM Diploma Trainer Ruth Wallsgrove, IAM Diploma Trainer[/caption]Ruth has over 20 years’ experience in asset-intensive industries including water and waste water, rail, petrochemical, oil & gas as well as government planning. Formerly a director of the Institute of Asset Management and GM Strategic Asset Management at NSW Rail Corporation (Australia), she has successfully built and managed expert teams in the infrastructure sector.  More recently she has moved into the provision of strategic consultancy and has extensive experience in delivering training on complex Asset Management issues to senior managers in asset intensive businesses. Ruth is an Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Endorsed Trainer.

Ark Wingrove

Ark Wingrove IAM Diploma Trainer

Ark is a highly experienced asset and operational manager with a history of delivery across infrastructure sectors including power, rail, water, gas and nuclear decommissioning in the UK, Europe, America, Australia and Southeast Asia. Experienced in asset management improvement programs, right from initial assessment through gap analysis and into planning & delivery phases. Ark brings this invaluable practical experience to his training sessions.

Ark is an Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Endorsed Trainer and an IAM Endorsed ISO 55000, PAS 55 & GFMAM 39 Subject Assessor with multi-sector experience.

Jim Dieter

Jim Dieter, IAM Certificate US trainerJim is a successful leader with both strategic vision and tactical execution skills. Great breadth and depth of asset management experience, covering: international standards, US Regulations, capital assets, leasing, budgeting, IT asset management, material management, ERP implementations, supply chain management, logistics, transportation, procurement, import/export, sales and marketing, pricing, contract negotiation and management, systems implementation, business management, infrastructure and facilities management, and finance. Jim is a leader of the international Asset Management community. He is Head of the US Delegation to ISO TC/251 for ISO 55000, and has written seven ASTM Asset Management standards. 

John Meehan

IAM Certificate John MeehanJohn has over 30 years “hands on” experience within asset owning utilities. He has held senior engineering, finance, regulatory, asset management and leadership roles. This gives him the ability to bring perspectives from all parts of asset owning organisations into the training environment.

He is a member of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and former IAM Council member. John is also a member of the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers, a member of the IET Asset Management TPN Executive and a British Standards committee member.


Paul Wheelhouse

Paul Wheelhouse AMAPaul is a highly experienced asset and operational manager with a history of delivery across a wide variety of sectors including oil & gas, process, pharmaceuticals, transport, power generation & utilities in Europe, Middle East & Southeast Asia. Experienced in capital investment planning, design, operations & maintenance Paul brings invaluable practical experience to his training sessions.

Paul is also a visiting lecturer at Manchester University where he lectures on strategy, organisation and auditing on their Reliability Engineering & Asset Management MSc.

Manjit Bains

Manjit Bains2

Manjit is a well-accomplished expert in business process reengineering and training nationally and internationally.

She has a wealth of experience and specialises in commercial development, designing, creating, implementing and delivering
change programmes for large organisations globally in the areas of risk and value management.

She is a recognised industry expert in training and has successful gained 2 national awards in the UK. (Utility achievement Award ‘Training’ and Water Industry Achievement Award’ best people initiative’ in risk management.

As an active elected board executive for the Institute of Value management (UK) in the last 9 years she has been responsible for creating world-class best practice in value management excellence globally.

She also holds a position on the Certification Board for the Institute of Value Management whereby she is responsible for the accreditation of qualifications, certification and influences the European Governing Board in the future direction of VM/VE from a competence development and assurance perspective.

Geoff Hales

27251b1Geoff is a highly experienced asset management engineer, providing asset management consulting services to clients throughout Australia and the Pacific, primarily in the local government and water sectors. He has strong capabilities in the strategic, tactical, and operational areas, with practical experience in the key asset life-cycle phases from asset creation to decommissioning. These, and his passion for capacity development, are invaluable attributes he brings to his training sessions.

George Taylor

IAM Certificate Trainer, George Taylor George has a wide variety of water industry experience. He has worked in contracting, consulting and water companies in areas including: strategic and asset planning, research and development, commercial and operations.
His strengths are people and asset management and having managed long term planning, maintenance and operation of assets George has a comprehensive understanding of what is takes to run a large asset base.

George has also worked in Guyana, Argentina, Nepal and Greece on asset management and due diligence projects for various clients. He has also undertaken consultancy projects in the UK. George also spent a year as Managing Director for UK start up Rentricity Ltd, delivering micro hydropower solutions.