About the Asset Management Academy (AMA)

The Asset Management Academy was set up in 2012 to provide training leading to internationally recognised Asset Management qualifications.

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Headquartered in London, UK. The Asset Management Academy has offices internationally. Contact our central sales team enquiries@am-academy.com or +44 1948 830900


The aim of our courses is to:

  • Educate people in best practice Asset Management
  • Prepare people thoroughly for IAM Certificate and Diploma examinations
  • Give people knowledge and skills that will immediately improve their performance in Asset Management roles

AMA were the first training company to become an Endorsed Training Provider (ETP) for the Foundation Award, IAM Certificate and Asset Management Diploma qualifications. We publish a forward schedule of public asset management courses and run regular in-company courses for clients around the world:

  • Our public certificate and diploma courses cater to individual clients and are held in the Middle East, North America, South East Asia and UK .
  • In-company courses are provided to groups of staff from the same organisation and the contents can be tailored if required.


Training principles


These 10 principles guide the design, delivery and evaluation of our training services:

1. The learner is an individual and we focus on their needs
2. If we think a course or qualification is not right for people we are honest and tell them or their employers
3. We only recommend that a candidate should sit an examination when we are confident they are ready
4. We are very clear about the demands that our courses put on students including the preparation and personal study commitments
5. When we advise students they are ready to take an examination they can be expected to pass it if they make the right level of effort
6. Feedback at all stages of the learning cycle ensures that students get the best possible learning experience
7. All our trainers have practical experience of Asset Management and are skilled at imparting this knowledge to learners with differing needs
8. Regardless of which trainers deliver them or what sector or territory we are working in, our customers are always satisfied
9. Our training courses always take place in venues that support effective learning
10. The instructions and materials that our students receive are timely, comprehensive and accessible


Our Leadership

The Asset Management Academy Executive team is:

Richard Edwards

Director, AMCL, Recent Past President of the IAM

Tom Elner

Managing Director of Asset Management Academy

Martin Pilling

Director of AMCL.

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