Our asset management training courses are developed and are delivered only by experienced, senior asset management practitioners. Many of our trainers have played an active role in the development of best practices, as a result our learners get the highest quality of Asset Management training.

Our trainers are skilled in using their knowledge and experience to bring asset management principles, concepts and methods to life for learners and are committed to the ten principles set out here.

We understand how busy our delegates are. Because of this we want to make sure that the training delivered is efficient and to a high standard. Taking the time to attend a training course can be a big commitment and we want to be sure that you and your colleagues will come away with not only an enhanced knowledge of asset management but a great experience. For this reason we require our trainers to be the best available.

Our trainers are subject to rigorous selection processes and independent customer satisfaction surveys which are routinely monitored to ensure that only the highest level of training is delivered at all times. Each trainer is subjected to an annual performance review to evaluate feedback and take steps if required to maintain the highest standards possible.

Join our international Asset Management training team

If you are an Asset Management practitioner, committed to the IAM vision of the journey to asset management excellence we are interested in hearing from you. Previous training, coaching and mentoring experience is desirable. Trainers must hold an IAM Certificate and IAM Diploma qualification. Where you are based is not a barrier, but North America, Australia, UK, Middle East and South East Asia are preferred. Above all, we offer excellent contractual terms to the right candidates. You can contact us at office@am-academy.com

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