The IAM Certificate in Asset Management

The Institute of Asset Management Certificate (IAM Cert) is concerned with knowledge and comprehension of Asset Management principles, practices and the business benefits these can deliver. It is an ideal first step towards the IAM Diploma. Our Certificate courses give a thorough grounding in the principles of asset management, how these apply in practice and the business benefits they deliver. The contents are based on the IAM Qualifications Syllabus and fully aligned with the 2014 IAM Competences Framework, the requirements of ISO 55001 and the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape.

Achieving it requires:

  • An ability to select/use relevant knowledge and understanding, methods and skills to complete tasks which are well-defined and routine but have some complexity
  • Comprehension of best practice Asset Management principles, requirements and frameworks

Our training is designed by Asset Management experts and consultants and taught by experienced Asset Management practitioners. It prepares candidates for the specific demands of the IAM Principles of Asset Management exam.

Asset Management Certificate Benefits to Employers

  • Significant improvement in performance through the application of newly acquired knowledge, methods and techniques
  • Formal development of high calibre individuals
  • Practical coursework is designed to deliver immediate benefits back to the employer
  • Our practical course assignments deliver immediate benefits back into the workplace


We offer two types of IAM Certificate course:

  • Our Full course aims to consolidate the knowledge and understanding of people who have had some experience of asset management. This is a 5 day taught course.
  • Our Focused course is for people with a good working knowledge of asset management who plan to take the IAM Principles of Asset Management exam but want to make sure they are ready for it. It is a 3 day course, geared to the needs of each course group.


Which IAM Certificate course is right for me?

Download our useful guide to understand which course is right for you: Asset Management Course Finder

Why choose the Asset Management Academy?

The AMA is unique in offering an IAM Principles of Asset Management examination following the final day of every course it runs. We know how busy you are and we want you to be able to sit the course and be immediately ready and able to sit an examination.
We have an amazing track record backed up by strong client testimonials. Don’t just take our word for it, download the testimonials here: Asset Management Certificate Course Testimonials
For a full guide to our services, please download our Asset Management Academy Prospectus 2019

Upcoming Courses

Full Certificate C20004
Date: 30th Mar - 3rd Apr
Location: Manchester
Price: $2,063 - $2,450
Full Certificate C20005
Date: 30th Mar - 3rd Apr
Location: Edinburgh
Price: $2,063 - $2,450
Full Certificate C20006
Date: 11th May - 15th May
Location: Manchester
Price: $2,063 - $2,450
Full Certificate C20007
Date: 1st Jun - 5th Jun
Location: London
Price: $1,973 - $2,360 (Early bird price)
Full Certificate C20008
Date: 29th Jun - 3rd Jul
Price: $1,857 - $2,244 (Early bird price)

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