Asset Management Certificate

The IAM Certificate is for people who are new to or have limited experience of asset management thinking and practices.

The Asset Management Academy Certificate courses give a thorough grounding in the principles of asset management, how these apply in practice and the business benefits they deliver. The contents are based on specifications published by the IAM and, therefore, fully aligned with the 2014 IAM Competences Framework, the requirements of ISO 55001 and the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape.

When people have completed the training, they will be ready for the IAM Certificate exam.

We offer two types of IAM Certificate course:

  • Our Full Asset Management Certificate course aims to consolidate the knowledge and understanding of people who have had some experience of asset management. This is a 5 day taught course.
  • Our Focused Asset Management Certificate course is for people with a good working knowledge of asset management who plan to take the IAM Certificate exam but want to make sure they are ready for it. It is a 3 day course, geared to the needs of each course group.

Which Asset Management Certificate course is right for me?
Download our useful guide to understand which course is right for you: Asset Management Course Finder

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Upcoming Courses

Full Asset Management Certificate C19207
Date: 14th Oct - 18th Oct
Location: Brisbane
Price: $2,311 - $2,510
Focused Asset Management Certificate C19209
Date: 28th Oct - 30th Oct
Location: Adelaide
Price: $1,438
Full Certificate C19017
Date: 4th Nov - 8th Nov
Location: London
Price: $2,222 - $2,614
Full Certificate C19021
Date: 17th Nov - 21st Nov
Location: Dubai
Price: $2,091 - $2,431
Full Certificate C20014
Date: 20th Jan - 24th Jan
Location: London
Price: $2,000 - $2,392 (Early bird price)


The Institute of Asset Management Diploma qualification is for people experienced in asset management. Our Asset Management Diploma course combines action learning, group work and supported learning to provide a challenging, engrossing experience.

The Asset Management Academy Diploma course aims to develop the personal skills you need to succeed in asset management roles as well as the underpinning knowledge, recognition of best practices, analytical and synthesizing techniques. The contents are based on specifications published by the IAM and, therefore, fully aligned with the 2014 IAM Competences Framework, the requirements of ISO 55001 and the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape.
Learners work in multidisciplinary groups that have to find ways of being effective just as they would have to in any organisation that takes asset management seriously. They complete the seven mandatory Diploma modules in course groups of between 8 and 12.

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Upcoming Courses

IAM Diploma D19103
Date: 21st - 24th October 2019 12th - 15th November 2019
Location: Guelph
Price: $5,105
IAM Diploma D19003
Date: 21st to 25th October 2019 28th to 29th October 2019
Location: London
Price: $4,640
IAM Diploma D20001
Date: 26-29th January 2020 2nd-4th February 2020
Location: Dubai
Price: $4,640
Exam Only for any AMA course
Date: 1st Mar
Price: $392 - $523

Foundation Award

Create engagement with the Asset Management function

Organisational culture and staff engagement are critical to the success of Asset Management.

Our one-day Foundation Award course has been developed from our extensive and highly successful IAM Certificate courses to bring critical Asset Management principles and terminology to large audiences who need an appreciation of Asset Management. Attendance at one of our Foundation Award training courses assists in breaking down organisational silos and developing alignment through the organisation.

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Why choose Asset Management Academy?

Our Asset Management courses are designed and delivered by expert practitioners including key figures in the development of international best practice.

Asset Management Academy was the first organisation to be endorsed as a provider of training leading to the IAM Certificate and Diploma examinations and its work is subject to the IAM's quality assurance process.

Our global network of trainers consists of carefully selected, practitioners who are skilled at imparting their knowledge and experience in ways that focus on your needs.

We are open about the principles that guide the design and delivery of our training and use them to drive continuous improvement in everything we do.

Feedback from Asset Management Academy clients, organisations and individuals, indicates high levels of satisfaction with the quality of the training we deliver.

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Asset Management Academy

Don't take our word for it...

"The training delivered by the Asset Management Academy provided an excellent overview and detail of the key areas in asset management. The two weeks were supported by comprehensive training notes, delivered by knowledgeable industry experts and related to real life business examples. I was fully prepared to sit the Institute of Asset Management Certificate Qualification, and I would thoroughly recommend as a training course to other Asset Management professionals."Craig Davey, Business Analyst, Asset Strategy and Planning, Welsh Water

"The IAM Certificate gives people new to asset management the vocabulary they need to understand their company’s policy, strategies and plans and the important role they play in delivering Asset Management objectives. We selected AMA to deliver the training course to prepare our Asset Managers for the IAM Certificate examination and are pleased to report a 100% success rate and that all delegates considered the course to be enjoyable and of considerable benefit”"Simon Spencer, Decommissioning Asset Manager, Sellafield Ltd

"I found the course very enlightening and it gave me a greater appreciation of the wider aspects of Asset Management. The training material and the delivery of the training was for me excellent. I would highly recommend it to anyone taking on Asset Management."Les Rostill, Project Manager, Birmingham Gateway Project, Network Rail

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