IAM Certificate Course online eLearning

We are very excited to announce that our IAM Certificate eLearning packages are now live and ready to purchase!

We have taken our best in class IAM Certificate course and made it available online so that you can take the course in the comfort of your own surroundings and at a pace to suit you.

Our Asset Management eLearning training is designed from the bottom up and suits a variety of learning styles. Unlike many other providers who convert existing powerpoint presentations into eLearning, our online training has been created specifically for to be delivered online to give you the best experience and maximum learning possible.

The eLearning consists of interactive content with the option of spoken text. You have to interact with each slide before being allowed to progress so that you remain engaged the whole time. Due tot he nature of eLearning, you can pause at any time and pick it up again when you want!

We understand the need for some face to face time with a trainer to ask those difficult questions or get clarity on a concept and for that reason our eLearning package is supported with webinars delivered by an expert in Asset Management

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