IAM Certificate exam

The IAM Certificate exam ‘Principles of Asset Management’ is held independantly by the Institute of Asset Management. The AMA can assist you with exam tips on our courses.

What is in the IAM certificate exam

  • The Asset Management Certificate exam is 2 hours in duration and consists of 60 multipe choice questions
  • Each question has 5 choices to select from
  • Questions are randomosied for each candidate, so no-one has the same question set
  • You can move backwards and forwards through the questions, we recommend that you answer the ones you know first and then return to the ones you aren’t sure of afterwards
  • The exam is closed book
  • To pass the exam you must obtain a pass in each of the 5 modules as set out in the IAM Certificate syllabus

Our Certificate courses will cover advanced exam techniques to make sure you get the most from the examination. The Asset Management Academy always aims to host an IAM Certificate exam at the end of each certificate course. This allows our delegates the chance to sit an exam while the course information is fresh in their minds, giving you the best chance of passing. This is a unique offering which adds a lot of value to our courses.


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