Asset Management Academy courses don’t just prepare people for the IAM Foundation Award, Certificate and Diploma exams – they are trained to think from first principles of asset management and educated in best practice.


The IAM Certificate is a standalone qualification, created by the IAM however it is also designed to form part of a progression route to the IAM Diploma and later Chartered Asset Management status. The IAM Certificate courses are our most popular Asset Management courses globally.

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The IAM Diploma is a standalone qualification, however it is also designed to form part of a progression route to the future Chartered Asset Management status.

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Asset Management Courses Online – our IAM Certificate eLearning course allows you to learn from home and take the exam anywhere in the world! There has never been a better time to get qualified in Asset Management.

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Foundation Award

Introduce Asset Management and develop a common understanding with our short 1 day asset management course. This course is ideal to get a common understanding of Asset Management in your organisation.

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Upcoming Courses

Full Certificate C20021
Date: 6th Jul - 10th Jul
Location: Virtual - GMT+10 (AEST)
Price: $1,782
Full Certificate C20024
Date: 13th Jul - 17th Jul
Location: Virtual - EST (GMT-4)
Price: $1,460 - $1,830
Focused Certificate C20022
Date: 21st Jul - 23rd Jul
Location: Virtual - GMT+10 (AEST)
Price: $1,257
Full Certificate C20008
Date: 7th Sep - 11th Sep
Location: Virtual - GMT+1
Price: $2,105 - $2,500
IAM Diploma D20004
Date: 7-9th October 2020 12th- 15th October 2020
Location: London
Price: $3,730 - $4,256 (Early bird price)
Focused Certificate C20012
Date: 13th Oct - 15th Oct
Location: Manchester
Price: $1,645

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